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A client who'd tried everything to fix his 60 yr chronic constipation, shifted it in one CD session

I am constantly surprised and amazed at the complexity of this universe and what unfolds in clients’ Crystal Dreaming sessions. Sometimes I hear people’s stories and I (just as I’m sure others who are consciously focused on wellbeing) would be quite quick to offer advice or suggested solutions based on their own experience and learnings. Well the following client session taught me that things are not always what we think they may be, and to not be so quick to judge another’s journey. I know I am guilty of suggesting solutions such as : improve your diet, meditate, read this book, do that workshop, change your thoughts, get energy healing etc… But there was no way that any of that was going to solve this client’s life long issue…

The client arrives after a 2 hour drive to come see me. He’s a slender mature man in his mid 60s. Impressed with the lengthy journey he’s taken to come for a session, I start off by asking him why he was seeking this type of healing session. He proceeds to describe the life long frustrating search for a cure for his chronic constipation issue that he’s had since he was a child. He’s been down many medical paths and seen many specialists throughout his life, but none of them helped. He’s even changed his diet and is eating healthier then ever before, but still no change to his condition. He eventually turned to alternative therapies, tried many different types, even energy healers, and yet his condition continues. He recently came across an article about these shamanic Crystal Dreaming sessions in the Living Now magazine and instantly felt this may offer him the solution he’s been searching for. He’d almost lost all hope and resigned himself to living out the rest of his life on laxatives as he’s been doing since he was a kid.

As I relax him and guide him into the altered state lying inside the crystal layout, he proceeded to scan his body and identified a number of uncomfortable sensations in different areas: pressure at the top of his head, in his throat, under left rib cage and a red line across the spine at the waist. We proceeded to work on each of these issues held in his cellular memory in order. They were all unresolved trauma’s from various past lives still held in his being. There were some repeated themes over many life times where he’d been tortured and killed by the same people for being too good and knowing too much. There was even some wizards and witches in some of his past lives, some of which had implanted etheric objects in him to limit him in some way.

After clearing each of those issues, we finally get to the red line across his spine at the waist… as we command the body to release the cellular memory that’s being held there, he starts to recall a past life from 600BC. He described it as a period of Christ consciousness in the dessert. The feeling sensations in the lower half of his body had now changed and he felt like he was a stone statue from waist down. We asked his body to show him exactly what had happened to him. He saw a red laser beam had been used to sever him in half, as he was half human half fawn in that life. I asked him “who did this to you?” He replied “The Egyptian Pharaoh, a god in human form – a Cleopatra looking being. They did this to stop me in my tracks. It’s what they did on mass to beings that were half human half animal so that we could not weave our magic.”

As you can imagine, I personally did not expect this story and for a moment grappled with my own disbelief of what I’d just heard! These are stories of mythology … but now I was contemplating perhaps these myths were in fact from real historical events. So I push aside my own handed down misbeliefs and proceed to take the client through the standard clearing process. We call forward in spirit the beings responsible for this trauma from that life time… the client proceeds to describe 2 beings that had appeared : a sphinx and a unicorn. The unicorn immediately bows down to the client with loving energy and offers us some additional information: he told the client that his spine is connected to Lord Pan. Not having much knowledge of Pan, I made a mental note for future research to understand why this piece of information was important. The sphinx who had come forward was a representative, a minion/servant, who was to stand in for this process on behalf of the Egyptian Pharoah. We proceeded with a forgiveness process, which cleared the client’s trauma held at the waist.

A couple of weeks later, the client returns for another session as he wanted to connect with his spirit guides and ask some questions. He was elated to report that within 24 hrs after his 1st session he was able to go to the bathroom unaided – no laxatives! Such an amazing breakthrough for the client and a nice little lesson for me.

>> My post session research added more light as to why these half human half faun beings were cut in half on mass… While looking for images of such creatures for this blog post, I came across statues of the mythological God Pan who is of similar form (to my surprise! …perhaps I should have paid more attention to my Greek mythology studies growing up)!

Pan appears in Greek art from around 500 BCE - a nice validation of the time line given by the client’s past life recall!

In my search, I could not help but notice an imposing dark nature depicted in the many sculptures, paintings & drawings of Pan. After reading a number of articles on the internet about Lord Pan, I learned that although he was originally a pastoral god from the region in Greece known as Arcadia, Pan also had a lustful nature. It’s almost impossible to separate Pan and sex. While nudity amongst the gods of ancient Greece was common, gods with erections were not. Pan is considered to be a sexual god, but not sex in the way we view it in the modern world. Pan was the patron of what has come to be known as “panic sex”, sex for the sake of lust and physical satisfaction. The words “panic” and “panolepsia” (excess of violent emotion that overcomes an individual) were both derived from Pan’s name.

As a god, the Greeks did not pay much attention to Pan. He was not worshiped in the traditional Greek way. It was not until he helped the Athenians win a battle by appearing on the battlefield and spreading panic to their opponents, the Persians, did the Athenians decided to honor Pan with the ‘Cave Of Pan’ on the side of the Acropolis as a sign of their gratitude.

Pan was also credited with inventing the syrinx musical instrument, better known as the ‘panpipes’. The music of the syrinx was known to make people dance and lower their inhibitions, it was the perfect instrument for the life loving, erection-toting Pan. It was said that when Pan played his syrinx he could drive people mad with its music. The sound of the syrinx filled people with the lustful nature of Pan, and as a result, they often lost control.

So this is the magic that my client was weaving that the Egyptian Pharaoh wanted to stop! I am constantly amazed when client sessions bring through details that can be traced & validated in our historical records. The session was not only an incredible shift for the client but offered us many important learnings.

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