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Crystal Dreaming Shamanic Healing

Crystal Dreaming™ is a particular method which in its nature
encompasses aspects of shamanic healing through the use of crystals.  
The alchemical process of Crystal Dreaming™ facilitates a shift in consciousness,
enabling a client to enter an altered state or higher dimensional reality
where they will connect with their own higher guidance in full consciousness and with full recall.  
There is no hypnosis or mind altering drugs used.  
The client is completely awake and aware at all times and gets the
benefits of their own direct experience & information, rather than relying
on someone else (such as a healer or psychic) to tell them what is
going on with them -- which often leaves clients in disbelief.  
Crystal Dreaming™ is not a form of counselling.  
This is a unique journey in a safe and nurturing environment and a
very special experience for each client each time. 
The client lays inside a specific mandala layout of crystals that focuses Divine
Energy triggering an opening of the pineal gland and a shift in consciousness.  
From this altered state, after clearing negative energy and cellular memory,
the client can access the Superconscious for self diagnosis and healing.  
Crystals are not used here to treat specific ailments.
           In this process any blocks or negative energies not totally aligned with
light and unconditional love will become apparent and the session will focus
on clearing them in order to free the client up so that they can then move forward            
in life embracing their fullest potential.  
From this altered state, it is possible to gain a higher understanding of life's challenges,              
receive guidance, discover your life's purpose and activate your blueprint or life plan.  
Each one of us has a blueprint or life-plan that is part of our soul's growth,
the raising of mass consciousness and planetary healing.  
It is also possible for the client to experience a profound state of oneness and bliss,
which is frequently life changing.
If you have been experiencing recurring health issues or blockages in your life
that you have struggled to shift through other avenues ... try Crystal Dreaming™
as a way of uncovering and healing the root cause of the issue.
You may find answers through this process that address issues on a
whole other level that other modalities can't.
*NOTE: Crystal Dreaming™ may not be as effective a healing process where
there is a mental instability.  A stable and co-operative mind or mental body is
needed in order to access altered states of consciousness.
Call to book your 2 hour session now on 0419883163.
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