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Meditation Guidance / Lessons

There are many benefits to meditation, many of which are scientifically validated.  
Meditation was introduced to me by a holistic counsellor to help me address the anxiety, worry and stress I was feeling during a life crisis : not only was I diagnosed with cervical cancer but my marriage was unravelling and dealing with job insecurity all at same time.  Meditating very quickly made a positive impact on how I felt and has since become one of my life passions - one that I feel compelled to share with the world and believe everyone should learn as a way of relieving the everyday stress we can get caught up in.
Regular meditation assists one's state of wellbeing by quietening a busy mind, bringing inner peace
and calm to your whole body that permeates throughout your day, increasing your level of awareness
and presence, enhancing feeling grounded, and breaking negative thought patterns.  
Meditation can be used for practical benefits to the mind & body and for spiritual connection.
If you are a beginner ... a 30 min guided meditation with me will help you feel and understand the shifts
that meditation can give you, and you’ll learn some simple techniques that you can incorporate
in your daily life even if you only have 10 min to spare a day.  
With regular practice you can incorporate the meditation techniques while you are active
in your daily activities.  As you increase clarity of mind, your own inner guidance / intuition will
become louder and clearer, assisting your conscious choices and guiding your life path.
If you are an experienced meditator ... you may want to explore taking your practice to a new level.  
Learn how to add sound vibration to clear and energise your chakras, or
how to invoke powerful manifestations through heart energy & intentions, or
perhaps you want to learn how to connect spiritually with Divine energies.
Sessions are individualised and tailored to your level of practice and needs.  
For a more in depth understanding consider a 60 min lesson.
For booking enquiries & prices, call me on 0419883163.
I have been using meditation for my own wellbeing since 2003.  
I've evolved my understanding and practice through many international and Australia based teachers.
Once you start, meditation itself becomes your biggest teacher as you start to tune into you!
All the answers you need in life are inside of you.  
" When you don't go within, you go without! " ... Yogi Bhajan
Only you can know you ... so once you learn how to begin, you will become less reliant / codependent on people outside of you for your own wellbeing & guidance through life.
I have guided thousands of people through various forms of meditation since 2009,
whether it be in private sessions or public events.
Here are some photos from public events ...
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