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Converting a skeptic...!

I convinced a friend who has been struggling with flow in his life to have a Crystal Dreaming shamanic healing session with me. He's quite the skeptic and a big believer of current new age quantum thinking : our thoughts create our reality. So I thought he would be an interesting challenge for my skills as a practitioner! He's also had recurring pain around his right shoulder blade for years. I did not expect what we were to uncover in his session...!

As I start to drop him into the altered state of awareness & guide him through a body scan, he is already struggling to see or feel anything. Not knowing whether it’s because of the client’s skepticism/strong mind, I start going through various processes to see what's creating the block. He finally gets a glimpse of someone sitting on the edge of a cliff, looking out over a vast valley landscape. The client can only see this being’s backside. We attempt to communicate with the being, but he did not want to engage with us. I realise that we are dealing with an attached spirit and start to explain to him that there is a much nicer place for him to go than staying here with this client, and that we can help him cross over if he lets us. The being eventually agrees and we help him journey home to light. With this entity now gone, we have cleared one of the issues blocking this client and his body immediately starts giving him information.

He starts to feel pain around his right shoulder. As we enquire what is being held in the cellular memory there, the client gets a glimpse of being attacked by crocodiles. His skeptical/resistant mind is only allowing a glimpse to come through unlike with other clients, but it’s enough info for me to keep going! I realize this must be a past life trauma. I guide the client through clearing the cellular memory and the pain immediately dissipates in his shoulder. {note: the client reported weeks later that although at time of stress he does feel tension pain in his shoulder still, it's no where near the pain he use to feel on a chronic basis.)

We continue the body scan, client then reports some sensations in his head. When we enquire about this, the client goes silent. I give him some time and ask him to tell me what is happening. He does not respond. I ask him “are you getting anything?” He says “yes but I don’t believe it!” I reiterate to him the importance of not questioning anything coming into his consciousness and to just report what he is experiencing as if he’s reporting the weather without any processing. He proceeds to tell me there is a blue alien standing in front of him! I was surprised but happy that he was getting such clarity finally! We engage the alien with the following questions :

Why are you here? The alien replies “It’s a secret”!

When did I give you permission to be here? No response.

As the alien is not obliging with information, I decide to take a different tactic. We ask the client's body to reveal the first moment the alien came to him. The client immediately sees himself as a 10yr old, sitting in school opening his notebook and writing the date “7-7-77”. He remembers that moment clearly as he felt something weird happened : he started thinking about the future and what it would be like when the year 2000 came … He felt his consciousness then go somewhere else. So, it was at this moment that the alien interference started. The client then realizes, the alien is monitoring his brain. So we demand that the alien leaves the client and not return without written permission. In that moment I observer the client (who had been lying down flat & still throughout this session), suddenly bring his hand up to his nose bridge & scrunch his face as if something was moving in that area of his head. I realize there must be implants. I proceed to demand all implants, monitoring devices and/or crystals be removed from the client. At the moment, I watch the client's entire body deflate a little as if something had been removed from inside him. The implants were now gone.

I bring the client out of the altered state and he says: “I don’t believe it!”

I laugh at the fact that his skeptical mind is so strong, that he can’t even allow himself to believe his own direct experience!! And there was no disputing that his thoughts had not created this reality, as he says the existence of aliens is the furthest thing from his mind and it's a topic that he struggles to buy into in general!

There are many alien species that are operating inter-dimensionally i.e. not visible in our 3D reality. I’m constantly surprised how many clients uncover such interference, and they had no idea it was going on for them. Most clients don’t even have any interest or spend any time contemplating such things as aliens – it’s not a mainstream mindset. It’s time to expand our understanding of the reality we live in. Not all is as it seems. There are hidden truths playing out on many levels affecting us humans in ways we don’t understand.

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