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Celestial Healing

This experience is for those interested in experiencing a little bit of everything!
This session begins with a guided meditation to calm the mind and relax the body.  
Then, together we will sound sacred vowels that resonate in the different energy centres
in the body (the chakras) to increase the vibration and flow of energy in the body.  
Then you will lie down and be guided through an energy clearing and healing
using invocations of divine celestial energies.  
I became aware of and connected to celestial energies in 2013 whist experiencing, 
what I later found out to be, a spontaneous kundalini awakening.  
My whole belief structure undertook a massive overhaul during this process.
I could not believe the things I was seeing & feeling to be true.
It took me a while to get grounded and feel comfortable with this new level of awareness.
Learning how to manage and deal with the celestial energies I was connecting with
then lead me to invoking them for healing within myself and others.
Those with an open mind are amazed at the energies and shifts they feel
immediately and carry forward with them.
A little bit of divine intervention never hurt anyone ... even for those non-believers!
Sessions are individualised and tailored to your needs & current life challenges.
For booking enquiries & prices, call me on 0419883163.


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