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Synchronicity, a high priestess, & the Star Wars

I love it when synchronicity happens, especially when it's so powerful it simply blows you away! I've shared many weird synchronicities with this woman who came for a Crystal Dreaming shamanic session to explore some strange synchronicities of her own. We live in the same town yet hardly see each other, but somehow managed to bump into each other on the other side of the world on a crop circle tour! She had held the first party we were invited to when we first moved to Byron Bay, and it was an intergalactic dress up theme! So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that her session would bring forward more synchronicity and most importantly, some intergalactic truths about this universe we live in!

During this time of massive transformation and evolution on the planet, many truths are coming to light, and more and more people are having huge spiritual awakenings discovering who they really are. It is always an honour and privilege to facilitate re-memberings of important past lives that can be recalled to serve a person's journey in this life. Having known this woman for some time and witnessing her passionate drive for truth and human evolution, I was not surprised to hear what was going on for her...

She shared with me that she'd been having some weird experiences where strangers would occasionally approach her & say to her “You don’t know who you are, do you?... You are a high priestess from way back!”. She said "when this happens once, one would giggle and dismiss the person telling you this as someone who has 'lost it'! But when it happens randomly many times, you start to wonder where this is coming from and whether there is any truth to it!" So this was the point of her Crystal Dreaming session, to find out if it was true & if so to explore it. I always get excited at the possibility of reactivating ancient high priests / priestesses, mystery school initiates, healers, shamans & light workers.

Once in the altered state, we spent quite some time clearing some of her past life traumas & some strange alien interference which was there to block & control her, curbing her power and ability to reveal truths against some dark evil forces. Once she was cleared of all blocks she was ready to be opened up to the truth of who she is. We connected her to her spirit guide and facilitated her through the following questions :

Client = "I have been told by many random people that I am a high priestess from way back, is this true?"

Spirit Guide = " Yes that is true "

Client = "Could you take me back and show me my the past life as a high priestess?"

Spirit Guide = " Not at this time but it will come at a later date when you are ready. "

She was given some guidance on some things she needed to develop in herself as a focus in the mean time.

Client = "Could you at least tells us the year or rough timing of this past life?"

Spirit Guide = “It was before the Star Wars”!

Well this blew me away as I had just been reading a book claiming that planet Earth was seeded with life by alien races as an experiment to resolve the inter galactic star wars in this universe – needless to say that I was struggling to believe what I was reading, so when we were given this answer I was taken back! Knowing what I knew from reading the book, I then guided her to ask "what planet was I on when I was a High Priestess?" (as Earth had yet to be seeded with intelligent life until after the Star Wars).

Her guide had to spell out the name to the client as she'd never heard of it : “Sirius B”.

When I pulled the client out of the altered state at the end, I asked her whether she knew anything about the Star Wars, and with a surprised look on her face she replied :

“ NO!! ... they are REAL ?! ”

I explained to her that I was currently reading a book about them, synchronistically!

I love it when clients who have no idea about certain subjects bring through information that validates historical events. We were both surprised that her session validated facts that had nothing to do with our planet. YES THE STAR WARS WERE A REAL HISTORICAL EVENT IN OUR UNIVERSE A LONG LONG LONG TIME AGO BEFORE HUMAN LIFE WAS CREATED ON THIS PLANET. Who knew George Lucas' film was a documentary series !!

[ Image credit : some more synchronicity ... I came across this oracle card from the Isis card deck which reminded me of this woman's session! Note the words on the card !! ]

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