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Here is just some of what clients have said about the services listed on this site.  
There are many more life changing stories from clients that continue to inspire my passion for this work.
Guided Meditations


“ I now have the power to completely control a certain part of my mind that sometimes gives me grief. This was just astonishing for me; I have never been able to control this trigger in the past. Coincidence? I really don’t think so. I also now find it much easier to fall almost immediately into a meditative state, as opposed to my usual meditation experiences, where I have to work hard to stop the mind chatter, especially at the end of the day. I hope I can keep that up! I loved the chanting of the sacred vowels, I especially loved the Eeeeeeee for the Sahasrara chakra; amazing how you can actually feel the vibrations in each part of your body.  I really can’t thank you enough.  Much love x x x “

… Meredith, Melbourne VIC


“ Still riding on a high after the most amazing sound bath meditation…lots of baggage let go and many lessons learnt. It was SO much more than I had anticipated!! One of the most powerful and transformational meditations I have done. I had the deepest, sleep and woke up early totally re-energized and still buzzing! Loving life! Xx “

… Rebecca, Frankston VIC


“ During the meditation, the sounds we repeated in connection to the chakras… I’ve only ever heard of the bija mantras (LAM….etc) but the ones we used last night were powerful at connecting & stilling. Thank you. “

… Emily, Sydney NSW

Sound Healing


“ I wanted to thank both you and Steve for doing what you do… I had not realised just how much tension I was carrying in my body until having been to your sound bath. After that session I got home and I truly felt that the tension I had in my body and mind simply melted away and my whole body just felt relieved from toxins that were weighing it down. “

… Linda, Melbourne VIC


” It was truly an amazing evening and the clearing process was still working over the weekend, thank you again.. namaste xx “

… Amanda, Sydney NSW


“ Hi, I participated in a sound bath in Newcastle just before Christmas. I had no expectations, and the session was nice and relaxing. The effect I felt the following day was awesome, it just blew me away, and I am keen to participate next time and bring my children. ”

… Bente, Newcastle NSW


” Cathartic, Intense, Exhilirating…. Amazing experience ”

… Tanja, Coolum QLD


“ Just wanted to let u know that my cold improved straight away after the sound bath with you, my sinusitis was gone, no sleepless night because of a blocked nose and sinuses anymore, it was wonderful! And I had the feeling that the swelling around my knee improved as well. Thanks for vibrating the illness out of my body! =D “

… Maren, Byron Bay NSW


“ I had the privilege to attend your event last night in Bendigo with my friend and I felt I had to write to you express my admiration. After what has been a despicable year so far, attending your event has lifted my spirits so much that I feel as if I am still ‘fizzing’. I have been suffering from anxiety and depression quite badly and am on medication for it now, but haven’t felt this good for what seems like a very long time. I can only hope that I can hold on to this sensation for as long as possible! My husband is quite intrigued with what seems to be a transformation in my mood and is looking forward to coming with us if you come to Bendigo again, which we sincerely hope that you do. Once again, thank you for such a great experience…I really feel as if I cannot express my appreciation, and enthusiasm! Your now devoted Groupie”

… Janine, Bendigo VIC


“ Awesome experience last night. Drove home under the speed limit last night without trying, very rare. Can’t make work today too zonked – however that is good as I run around mostly like a little white rabbit (as I am constantly told). I am awed by this Gong experience. Keep up your powerful work – the ridiculous pace of the world needs a reality check and I got it last night. Thank you so much. “

… Carol, Albury/Wodonga


” I had just been to a kirtan before attending your sound bath and felt like my brain was mud, but after your event my mind & body felt completely cleared. “

… Justin, Macksville NSW


“ I want to report a major break thru with alleviation of crippling pain in my right hip since the last session. In fact, immediately after, I found myself sitting crosslegged chatting! I suddenly realised I hadn’t been able to do that comfortably for over a year!!  Thanks guys :-) “

… Viviennne, Mt Tamborine QLD


” The last sound bath was, for me, absolutely mind blowing – I floated where there was no space or time – almost like life between lives, if that makes sense. This is truly powerful and healing. Thanks.”

… Chris, Sandy Beach NSW

Celestial Healing


" I didn't know what to expect, I simply went into the healing session with an open mind.  The energies I felt around me during the healing were strong and undeniable.  The have challenged my belief system as a practicing Buddhist - I don't even believe in God!  After the session I felt cleared physically & emotionally.  I've been on a cancer healing journey for a couple of years now. Although in remission I felt there was more to heal in my body.  This was healing on another level.  It's hard to explain. "

… Cassie, Gold Coast QLD


" Everything that came through in the session was spot on, even the invocations relating to my son.  It was such a beautiful healing that I was moved to tears for having had the privilege to experience it. "

… Linda, Melbourne VIC


" Wow, not only was I surprised that I could see the energies that came through, but that they were energies that had been associated with me by other healers also. And I so loved the blissful merging with universal consciousness at the end, I didn't want to come back! "

… Amanda, Mt Tamborine QLD

Crystal Dreaming Shamanic Healing


" Before my first C.D. session my body was in a lot of pain and I was suffering from depression.  I'd been battling with these issues for quite some time throughout my life and can't believe that after a few sessions, I now have no pain and no depression.  I'm a ray of sunshine!  People are telling me : my aura is bright and glowing.  There were intense moments at times but highly worth it.  The trauma's that came up for clearing were hard to believe, but I know it was not my imagination.  Meeting my spirit guides and finding out my life purpose has been invaluable.  I now feel I can stop spending all my time & energy on healing my body, and get on with life. "

… Janice, Byron Bay NSW


" Anna uses a remarkable healing modality that took me beyond the current reality, clearing past trauma through my own journeying and dialogue and accessing inner guidance with ease.  This is an emotional and profound experience with deep healing and clarity as its end result.  Anna creates a nurturing and safe space and works with a depth of understanding, strength and compassion, which held me in and with love.  This in turn allowed me to tune into the more subtle realities and connect with earlier memories and my own guidance system, as well as providing answers to my deepest questions.  It was of much benefit to me to record the session and listen to it a few weeks later to fully digest mentally what had taken place.' 

With so much Gratitude,

… Vibhuti (Astrologer and Spiritual Councillor) Byron Bay NSW "


" Anna's Crystal Dreaming experience was a deep journey to recover lost parts of my soul. She provided the gentle guidance to transport me to an altered state and activate the deep patterns in my DNA, awakening a more present and authentic self. I felt restored and healed and went away with beautiful guidance from contact with the spirit in the heart of Nature. Take time out and allow Anna to lead you into a place of deep blessing. "

… Vincent, Byron Bay NSW


" Thank you very much for the work you've done on me :-)  It rattled me for a few days after each session, but now I'm back in Cairns after a few days rest and processing I feel great and a weight has lifted off my body and mind!  It was my pleasure to have met two beautiful people.

p.s. I know in our sessions we didn't get to answer all my questions, but it has given me the clarity to answer them myself ;-)  Thank you!! "

… Shane, Cairns QLD


" Based on my session, I can vouch for the power and authenticity of Anna's Crystal Dreaming sessions. Highly recommended. "

… Varij, Byron Bay NSW

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