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Sound Healing

Sound has been used throughout the ages for healing purposes. 
It was prevalent in many ancient indigenous cultures and shamanic healing rituals.
It is even prevalent in this day and age within the mainstream medical practice for treating kidney stones.
It is common knowledge that sound can affect matter ...
We've all heard about an opera singer breaking a glass with her voice.
Scientists are now even able to use sound to levitate physical objects.
I discovered sound as a healing modality when I was personally looking for ways to de-stress & maintain my wellbeing after I'd healed the cancer in my body, as I was still working in the highly geared corporate world.  
I was so blown away at how amazing I felt after attending my first sound bath event ...
not only had the stress melted away from my body, but my mind was also completely still.  
There was even a point during the sound journey when I felt as if I had physically dematerialised and was simply a ball of energy floating in space with enough consciousness to simply observe the experience.
It was such a powerful and profound experience that couldn't simply be taken lightly.
 My partner and I decided that this needed to be shared with the so many stressed people we knew. So...
we became sound healers ourselves and created Healing Hertz  bringing vibrational healing to the masses.
We've heard so many amazing stories of healing and transformation from people who have experienced our sound baths.  Some even from people who have not had any luck with finding cures for their ailments through conventional mainstream western medicine.  We do believe that sound will again become a widely used strategy for disease and a vital modality of the future. 
For more info on our public events, private sessions or to book us for a private function/workshop,
go to ...  or  call Anna on 0419883163.
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