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Suicidal tendencies stop after Crystal Dreaming

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 3000 people on average commit suicide daily. September is Suicide Prevention Month, focused on raising awareness & preventing suicides. So on this last day of Suicide Prevention Month, I thought I’d share about a recent healing session I gave a client who had been having suicidal thoughts since he was a boy, almost 35 yrs ago. I was quite taken back when he revealed his dark tendencies, as he looked a picture of health and vitality, the sun kissed surfer type. What transpired in his session gave me a whole other perspective on what’s really going on for those contemplating suicide. I don’t like to propagate things that cause fear in people, but at the same time I feel that these truths need to come out and get addressed properly for real healing to occur for those in need.

This client was simply coming for a Crystal Dreaming session out of curiosity. He was at a crossroads in his life as he had suddenly found himself with no work and no relationship and thought this session might give him some answers on a new direction. When I asked him what information he wanted to get out of the session, he replied : “I want to know whether it’s my time to die now?” This was the last thing I expected him to say and I was quite shocked to be frank. He explained that he’d had this feeling that it was his time to die since he was around 10 yrs old. And felt that when the time comes, he wanted to be in control right till the end … he would commit suicide.

I knew right away that this was going to be an interesting session, but was not expecting the intensity that unfolded… I began dropping him into the altered state of consciousness, and noticed as I was guiding him through raising his vibration, his body started to twitch. As he scanned his body the twitches intensified to body shakes. Client said the twitching was centered in his stomach and his right arm and he couldn’t detect anything else uncomfortable in his body.

I guided him into asking his body’s cellular memory to release what had happened to him into his consciousness. No recall or information comes to him, he continued shaking. I asked him if he felt any fear, he said no. We broke all agreements that might be getting in the way of him remembering what had happened to him, as I was not sure if his body was recalling something traumatic (hence the shaking) and thought he might be blocking the information.

We again asked the body to release the cellular memory; he got nothing just more shakes. I took him through a fear clearing process, just to be sure. His body did calm down a little after that but it was still twitching. I continued working through the process of checking blockages, breaking any past life agreements - still nothing coming through to his consciousness.

I start guiding client through asking any entities to come forward. The client reports nothing happening but the continued shaking. I noticed some unusual activity in his eyes. I told him to observe really closely everything that is happening to him and to report any thoughts, visuals, feelings etc. I take him through asking any entities to come forward again. He reports seeing a light. We engage the entity by saying “Thank you for showing yourself to me. Don’t be afraid, no one here wants to hurt you. What do you want?” No response. After a few repeat attempts for a response from the entity, I guide the client to escalate with the words “I challenge any being that is under the illusion that it has power over me, show yourself to me know or forever hold your peace.” The client starts struggling to talk to me as energy is now being sucked out of him through his mouth along with his breath.

The client eventually says through a wide open mouth : “He wants my energy.” We respond : “You do not have permission to take my energy. Body I command you take me to the moment this started”. The client can no longer communicate with me as his energy is being sucked out of his mouth intensely. I watch his whole body spasming more, he’s back now arching off the floor, and arms have been stretched out away from his body, like he’s lying on a crucifix. He sounds like he’s struggling to breathe, any attempts to talk to me are obstructed by the energy leaving out of his mouth, all I can hear is his breathe being taken from him – it’s as if there’s 10 of those dentist saliva sucking tubes in his mouth at once. The energy in the room is now intense as the client lies there feeling helpless against this dark being. I reassure him that everything is going to be fine. With a firm voice I instruct the client to cut all the chords leading out of his body that this being was using to drain energy from him. I instruct him to draw in Divine energy from his crown chakra and seal the ends of the chords on his side with light. This took a while and I had to instruct the client to keep cutting as I could see energy was still being drained and his body was still shaking and struggling to breath or talk.

The intensity of the situation started to calm down but the entity still had a hold over the client. I guide the client through a process of breaking all agreements with entities across all time and space – he whispers the words whilst his breath is still being taken although not as intensely now. As we do this, his shakes intensify again and he starts making back of the throat sounds as energy leaves out of his mouth again. I guide him through a demon clearing process, affirming “you have no power over me … “ he struggles to say the words … I tell him not to worry about not being able to speak them out loud, but to repeat the words with his full intention in any way that he can, even if was inside his mind but with his full conviction.

I’m still working blind as I have no description from the client to ascertain what type of entity we are dealing with. I know it’s an energy vampire, we’ve cut the chords but it’s still got hold over the client. So I continue with the demon clearing process … we say to the entity “look inside yourself, right through to your core and tell us what you see… you are beautiful, you are loved, you have always been loved, you are a beautiful being of light”. The client’s body starts to calm down. We tell the entity that there is a much nicer place for him to go to, not to be afraid, and that we can help him if he wants. The client starts spasming again with energy leaving his throat hindering his ability to talk.

I start to worry about how much the client’s body can now take.

I decide to engage the entity directly… “ I am now talking to the being who has taken over Ben’s body, you do not have permission to be here. Ben has given me the authority to act on his behalf. I hereby break all agreements he has made consciously or unconsciously with you. Thank you for being with him all this time. Thank you for the learnings you have brought him. He no longer needs you. You must leave him now. Please go to the light with love or tell us what you want.” The client musters some words and says “he wants me”. I continue in a firm tone “You cannot have Ben, he no longer gives you permission to be here. He is a being of light & love. You know this is a free will zone. You are released from all contracts / agreements. There is a much nicer place for you to go than being here with Ben. We can help you if you let us. There’s nothing to be afraid of. No one here wants to trick you or hurt you. We just want to thank you and help you. We honor you and respect you. Please let us help you. We can call forward some loving friends to help you get to this much nicer place where there is no retribution, just peace and joy.”

I keep reassuring the entity with a calm and loving tone. The client’s symptoms start to calm down as I do this and take this as a sign of agreement from the entity. I call forward the entity’s spirit guides to come help him. The client’s body seems calmer and stable. As we ask the entity to let these beings guide him home, I notice the client starting to get emotional a bit. From this I realize the client has developed a codependent relationship with the entity and is not letting him go. The entity starts taking over the client again with the shakiness and the sucking of energy through the breath. I instruct the client to relax and let this being go.

I start to talk to the entity again, reassuring it and saying we honor it and respect it and just want to help it. We call forward its spirit guides again and ask it to leave. I explain to the client that he needs to let the entity go now as it is not serving him. The client gets a bit emotional again. At this point I put crystals on all his chakras to give the client some new high vibrational energy, which may also make the entity want to leave. As I continue coaxing both of them, reassuring the entity there is nothing to be afraid of and that it’s ok to leave with his spirit guides, and reassuring the client that he would be better off without this entity, we finally start to feel the intense dark energy subside and a peaceful energy come back into the room.

I guide the now exhausted client through replenishing his energy by drawing Divine energy into his body. We spend quite some time sending energy to all parts of his body, rejuvenating & reconnecting with his physicality. I guide him through crossing the rainbow bridge, bringing all his consciousness back into his body. The healing Divine energy seemed to have lulled him to sleep. I asked him if he could hear me as I was starting to question whether the entity was now playing other tricks on us! He nodded but whispered he needed more time replenishing his energy levels before being able to move. I wait. He eventually starts wiggling his fingers & toes but could not move his arms yet. I offered to help move them with him back by his side as he was still stretched out like on a crucifix… he agreed. I dropped his left arm & it bounced back half way. The right arm was so stiff, as soon as I touched it he moaned in pain. I told him not to worry, he could take as much time as he needed.

I started to change the direction of the crystals above his head, removing the crystals off his chakras and placed grounding stones on the lower half of his body. Soon he opened his eyes and just lay there in stillness for a few more minutes. He then tells me he liked having the crystals on – especially the ones on his belly. As soon as I took them off he had felt the energy they were bringing into his body, stop. He expressed he was exhausted, which was totally understandable. (He’d essentially just had an exorcism!) I offered him a cuppa to give him some time to ground back in his body.

He asked whether that was a normal experience! I told him that was far from normal. We had just spent 1.5 hrs trying to get rid of one entity, and it was the first time I experienced a client not being able to engage with me, forcing me to intervene on their behalf and engage the entity directly. I told him: last week I helped 10 beings cross over in a 1.5 hr session, and in his session it was only one, but a really powerful dark being!

The client then shared, that when I asked for the cellular memory to show him when this dark energy around him began, although he couldn’t speak to me at the time, for a brief moment he recalled a memory of when he was around 10 yrs old and he’d gone to visit his sick father in hospital. He remembered his father in a bed near the corner of a big shared room with other patients. As he approached his father’s bedside, he remembers feeling a really scary dark energy in the corner that he described as “ death itself ”. (I wondered whether this was why he’d been having the suicidal thoughts all these years – was it this dark being planting these thoughts trying to lure him into committing suicide so that he could take possession over the client’s soul. It was just like that Keanu Reeves movie ‘Constantine’!)

I kept in touch with the client in the days and weeks following his session. It took him a while to come to terms with what had transpired in his session. A few weeks later, he reported feeling amazing and the suicidal thoughts he’d had regularly for 35 yrs had completely stopped.

NOTE: In sharing this article, I am not suggesting that all people with suicidal tendancies need an exorcism, but I recommend spiritual healing is explored as an avenue, especially if other psychology based methods are failing to bring about positive change in a person. If you or anyone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, contact me for more information on how I may be able to help.

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