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The Source Awakens ...are you connected? (try this at home)

Yes a little play on words as the movie ‘Star Wars : The Force Awakens’ screens on cinemas across the globe! With the Christmas season and the beginning of a new year just passed, I thought it would be timely to share one of my most astonishing experiences over the past couple of years ... it may just put you on a new path for 2016!

Whether you are religious (and I include all religions here), spiritual or neither, take 5-10 min out of your day to try the exercise I share below for yourself at home and see what happens for you. I was skeptical when I first heard about it, but was blown away and astonished with my experience when I tried it. It was a huge awakener and game changer -- perhaps for some of you it wont be anything new, it depends on where you are on your evolutionary path!

Firstly a little background to provide context… I was raised in the Greek Orthodox tradition although my parents weren’t avid church goers due to the demands of the family business. At 15, due to a bad experience with a couple of priests I denounced going to church all together and only went for major events just to keep family happy i.e. weddings, christenings, Easter. In my 20’s I’d pretty much had no thoughts of religion or God as I focused on university, career and marriage. In my 30’s due to my cervical cancer issue and marriage breakdown, I opened up to holistic healing which put me on a self development path predominantly for my wellbeing. Through that I found life affirming philosophies and meditation techniques that pulled me out of the deep dark hole I had fallen into for a few years: physically, mentally & emotionally. None of them were religious, however they did manage to uplift my spirits as they say. Many called this a ‘spiritual path’ as I delved into New Age books & workshops. This personal growth path simply unfolded in an unstructured unplanned way as I followed the little breadcrumbs of smiles and feel good feelings life presented to me. I eventually felt strong and positive again within myself through all that I’d processed and learned. The teachings & workshops started to get repetitive so I stopped the seeking and gave myself time to integrate – to put everything I’d learned into practice in my day to day life.

Then one day in my late 30’s, someone handed me a DVD which was a video recording of a free seminar from 2008 by a guy who believes he is Jesus Christ reincarnated! By this stage I had not connected with anything religious for years and felt religions were belief systems created by man to control the masses through fear. My personal development journey had taken me down a road of dropping all conditionings & belief systems, so I was on a path of no religion but focused on personal truth and conquering fears. I didn’t buy into belief systems of heaven & hell, karma, nor reincarnation. I simply lived in the present reality around me, accepting each unfolding moment as it is, and creating positive change consciously wherever I could. I had mastered keeping my mind from going into negative stories through meditation and navigated life by feeling through my body. My mind became a tool mostly for logistics under my heart’s direction. With this way of living, I felt liberated from all suffering, expanded and in love with life itself!

So I was in a state of contentment when this DVD was randomly given to me. I was not seeking anything! Regardless of the Christian religious association, I decided to watch this DVD simply out of curiosity. The presenter’s name was Alan John Miller (a.k.a. A J). Note: I was not going to name the presenter, as I feel he is not what he believes himself to be and I don’t want to create any notion of worship his way. But I do feel his fundamental message is an important one and so I’m going to quote him…!

He explains that there are 2 paths of evolution available to us… one called the “Natural Love” path and the other the “Divine Love” path. He explains that as people evolve within themselves, they move through the many levels of vibration within each path that he calls “spheres”. However the Natural Love path can only take you as far as the 6th sphere, where as the Divine Love path will take you beyond the 6th sphere. He explains that many spiritual teachers and gurus, especially from the Eastern traditions, are teaching people how to develop their Natural Love through a lot of intellectual methods that people are attracted to. These teachers / teachings are helpful to people in many ways, assisting people to connect to themselves and make positive changes to their lives. But this Natural Love path will only take you so far.

He defines ‘Natural Love’ as the love you emanate from your own soul that is totally under your control using your free will, but it does not connect you to the Divine Source of All Creation. (Note: A J uses the word “God” but for many reasons I feel it’s better not to and I explain why further down). A J explains that both paths raise your vibration by developing you in Love, however the Natural Love path often defines God as an all encompassing energy / consciousness that many call ‘the Universe’, or they teach : “you are God”!

Where as the ‘Divine Love’ path teaches that you are a child of God and just like a child can connect with it’s mother for love & support on request, you can enter into a personal relationship with God directly and feel love emanating from God’s soul to you as an individual.

It’s a real experience that you can personally request, and I will share how to do this below. A J explains that God has two things that you can feel : Divine Love and Absolute Truth. Once you establish and cultivate/grow your connection with this Divine Source of All Creation, God will show you Truth.

So regardless of what you have been taught to believe in and where you are at in your own personal evolution, I highly recommend you try the following steps for your self. As I said at the beginning, I was skeptical when I came across this after years of exploring spirituality & new age teachings! So when I tried it, although part of me was skeptical, I also kept an open mind and was blown away at my experience!

Step 1 : Find a quiet space for yourself where you wont be disturbed.

Step 2 : Sit comfortably, relax & get still (I simply sat on my bed leaning back on the wall).

Step 3 : Close your eyes & quieten the mind by focusing on your breath for a minute or so.

Step 4 : Longingly say the following words (inside your mind or out loud)

“Divine Source of All Creation let me feel your Divine Love”

wait and see what happens … watch the feeling sensations in your body

You can repeat Step 4 over and over if you like.

*Note: there are many reasons why I feel it is important to not use the word ‘God’ and replace it with ‘Divine Source Of All Creation’ …

  • The word ‘God’ brings up mixed feelings in different people based on their past experiences & cultural background and may block the experience.

  • Different religions use different words and I don’t want to alienate those people – connection to the Divine Source Of All Creation is available to everyone regardless of belief, race, cultural background etc.

  • Some religions have many gods and it’s important not to open up the possibility of invoking lesser beings when you call out to the celestial realms.

  • The words ‘Divine Source Of All Creation’ by definition only invoke that one true original Creator being by definition, not by name.

  • Names & labels have been changed in various teachings over time to mislead people into worshiping lesser beings and usurp power. So when you are trying to connect to the original Creator of all creators it’s best to avoid the conventional names i.e. Lord, Christ, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim etc

Try the exercise above before reading further, so as not to get influenced by my experience which I will now describe…

When I did this exercise for the first time, I immediately felt like someone had turned on an invisible showerhead above me and I was being showered with full on streams of warm tingling beautiful soft energy down onto my body. With my eyes closed it was as though a bright light had been turned on in the room and then I felt this energy enter through the top of my head (crown chakra) and slowly permeate down through my whole body to my feet. It softened and warmed me up from the inside out. I was amazed at how powerful the sensations felt. There was only one part of my body where I didn’t feel the energy reach, it was where I had been experiencing some sciatica pain, back of my left hip. Out of frustration I kind of screamed the rhetorical question in my head “WHAT IS THIS SCIATICA PAIN ABOUT?” What happened next surprised me again: I got a vision of my dad as if he was sitting in front of me! I was startled by the vision as I had never received information before during meditation. So here it was, exactly as A J had described. Not only did I establish a connection with this Divine Source Of All Creation and feel Divine Love energy emanating from it to me, and also got given information on the true cause of my sciatica (which I was later able to unravel and heal completely)!

This experience surprised me so much that I took questions about it into a Crystal Dreaming session! The spirit guides confirmed the two paths that A J describes and that there is much delusion in many spiritual teachings. They explained that in my previous state of consciousness I had imbalances in my Earth & Soul Star chakras (the energy centres beneath the feet & above the head). These imbalances were corrected once I connected to the Divine Source of All Creation. It all made perfect sense to me now!


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