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Evidence of the Law Of Karma in Crystal Dreaming

There are many people and cultures on this planet who believe in the Universal Law Of Karma. Some believe it spans life times and others simplify it down to the logical day-to-day cause & effect. Some say if you buy into that belief then you create that reality for yourself! And then there are those who criticize this belief system as another oppressive fear based way to control the masses : if you are bad, bad things will happen to you! They believe there is no right or wrong and that this law is made up to keep us inline.

I personally didn’t buy into this belief until 2 yrs ago when my spontaneous kundalini activation hit me and derailed my whole mindset! For 10 yrs prior to that, I was focused on living consciously each moment, predominantly because I wanted to ensure my wellbeing after a cervical cancer scare in 2002. That cancer issue was a wake up call for me and I learned a lot from it. Specifically, I learned about how the body works holistically : physically, mentally and energetically. With this knowledge came the realization that I was responsible for creating the cancer in my body, from my unhealthy, unconscious and ill-informed choices. One could say, that’s an example of karma playing out right there … simple cause & effect! Once I was awakened and consciously making healthy choices moment to moment, I no longer did anything that brought my body discomfort for a prolonged time. Some believe this is the way to transcending Karma.

My wake up call in 2002 sparked a journey of self discovery and growth. A trip to India had exposed me to the work of the spiritual guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka Osho) who had an interesting concept of living in a ‘No Mind’ state. So with this I embarked on a journey of dropping all belief systems, religious or otherwise, which gave me a profound sense of freedom. I dropped all conditioning and focused on unlearning – stripping my identity back to simple moment to moment presence (thanks to the other spiritual guru of our time, Eckhart Tolle) and body awareness. So when the kundalini activation hit me in 2013 and I started experiencing other dimensional realities (that I didn’t believe in!), some of which are stipulated by many religions, I was shocked and even more so to find that the Universal Law Of Karma is real!!! And not only is the Law of Karma real, but there is even a Karmic Court that presides in the spiritual realms!!

Through my new shamanic healing modality, Crystal Dreaming, I am often facilitating people into clearing karmic debt through forgiveness. Sometimes, for the more complex situations, the only way to clear the karmic debt is to request a hearing with the Karmic Court, which clients see just like a magistrates courtroom with several Ascended beings sitting behind a bench on a raised dais. We proceed to plead the client’s case and are given instructions the client must undertake to undo their wrong-doing. At times, however it is too late and the client is already living out a challenging life story to clear their debt – learning their lesson the hard way through direct experience.

One client found this out in her Crystal Dreaming session …

Once I dropped her into the altered state of awareness, she detected some pain in her fingers. As we enquired to find the reason for this, she saw herself in a past life living in Japan. She was male and a father to a young family. There was a volcanic eruption and in that instant decided to go watch it, leaving his wife and baby at home alone. There was an earthquake that opened a crevice in the ground right where he was standing, and he fell into it but managed to grab onto the cliff-side wall. He dangled there in fear and shock for a while and eventually found the strength to climb up – hence the painful trauma held in his fingers’ cellular memory. But just as he got to the top, there was another earth tremor and he fell again all the way down into the crevice and was killed. The client recalled feeling terrible for recklessly abandoning his wife and baby during this time. She felt remorseful saying she should have stayed to look after them instead of letting curiosity get the better of her.

Once we cleared this past life trauma, another one surfaced … this time she saw herself as a little boy climbing a tree for fun. His mum was there calling out to him, but he disregarded her instructions not to climb the tree. All of a sudden the branch he was on broke and the boy fell. He was severly hurt and subsequently died feeling terrible for recklessly abandoning his mother.

After seeing these two past lives, the client realized her pattern of recklessness and disregard for family. She then had an amazing epiphany that even took me by surprise … she realized that this is why in this life she was an orphaned child! She realized that as a father, she had recklessly abandoned her wife and baby, and as a child, she had recklessly abandoned her mother. So in order to right the karma she had created, she had to experience a life where she too was abandoned by her father and mother!

Needless to say… we were both blown away by this powerful lesson and evidence of Karma.

My personal understanding of Karma now, 2 yrs into my kundalini activation is this : deep down inside, deep in our core, we all know when we have done something wrong. The universe is set up in a way that we get the opportunity to right our wrongs, to learn and grow from them, and ultimately purify ourselves to a higher vibration for our own individual evolution. Karma is not something to fear or be oppressed by. It’s about learning from our mistakes and adjusting our behaviour for a more positive outcome. If you do something wrong to someone, you create negative feelings / energy in them and in yourself. Small things can usually be cleared through sincere apologies and forgiveness. If it’s something major, you may need to personally experience what you’ve done wrong in order to learn not to do it again. Some people reincarnate with the same souls over life times until they learn to clear the negative karma they created. An evolved person may forgive you, clearing their karmic link to you, however you may still need to address the low vibrational dense energy that you have created within yourself. Most little wrong doings clear themselves quickly within the same life time. When you apologize for what you’ve done wrong, and forgive others who have harmed you, you free yourself from negative karma. However major wrong doings can and do stay with us across life times.

If you seem to be perpetually experiencing bad luck or difficult challenges in life, consider having a Crystal Dreaming session to find out if this is because you need to clear karmic debt from a past wrong doing.

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