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The most important work needed on the planet right now

A recent Crystal Dreaming client session brought through some interesting information that I will share over time as a period of integration is needed. However there was a pertinent message that I feel is urgent and critical to our time. You may have noticed that there is a mass awakening going on for many people on the planet. More and more people are waking up from the suffering of modern lifestyles imposed unconsciously into our psyche through our societies’ structures and mass media. More and more people are waking up to spiritual truths through spontaneous weird and mystical experiences, exposing levels of reality and Truths that have been suppressed by manipulations and illusions.

This client had some questions about ‘the soul’. After answering her questions, her Spirit Guides continued to inform us that on Earth right now there are many souls who are “warrior spirits of Light, volunteered to be here at a time of critical importance in this dimension and this universal reality.” We asked the question : “what is the important work of priority, that is needed at a mass scale on this planet at this time?”

Here is the transcript of the Guide’s reply:

“The priority of work for your selves is the same for all beings, it is to ignite the gateway of the solar sun or the solar heart in the core of the heart of the human being. Igniting the solar heart through the gateway of the heart of the human being is the cure, is the guide, is the process, is the ultimate key to transfiguring the entire universe into that of Divine Love. The process of getting to the key of the heart is different for everyone and some avoid it all together lengthening their process of suffering. The only way to evolve in accordance to your Divine Plan and the Divine Will of God and All That Is, is to walk your life through the footsteps of the heart and only the heart. Once the footsteps of the heart are activated, your DNA structures, your gene codes, activate, all the cells and tissues of the body crystallize and new morphogenic fields are created that have the magnitude and power to travel through the unified field affecting beings everywhere, raising all as one.”

We then asked “there are spiritual teachings that say ‘drop desire’, are these a dark agenda trying to mislead people?”

Guide’s reply : “There is delusion in many teachings. Desire is the work of God, desire is the work of the heart, desire is the work of the creative process, however there are misunderstandings because often ego drives are called desires, or mental attachments are called desires. True desire that we talk of here, comes from the purity of the heart. Desire that is born of the heart, has no suffering, has no attachment, has no ego drive but the purity of free will and Divine Will as one. You can desire a partner, desire a home, desire love, desire care, desire planetary evolvement, and be in alignment. You can desire sexual gratification, you can desire pleasure, you can desire power, and be out of alignment to Divine Will. As with everything in this universe at the current time, polarity and duality exist within every single point of focus and this must be distinguished and discerned through the heart.”

From my own personal experience, I know there are many people who feel lost and don’t know how to tune into their heart or get clarity on what they love to do. When I was faced with the notion of dying 12 yrs ago due to a cervical cancer issue at the age of 32… I very quickly woke up from what I describe as a zombie or robotic state of being. With the thought that I may only have a year to live, I started asking myself “ok, so what do I want to experience in my last year of life?” This brought me much clarity and I quickly stopped giving my time & energy to things that I didn’t enjoy. At first, due to the stress I was experiencing with the cancer, I found myself choosing little things that brought me smiles, such as : sitting in the sunshine with a cup of tea & a magazine, beach walks, soothing soulful music, time alone in a park connecting with nature. I just started with small steps and followed the path that brought me smiles. I gave myself free time that was unstructured with no plans, allowing me to just go with the flow and explore the opportunities opening up to me in each moment. This slowly opened me up to bigger smiles that reverberated inside & out through my being. I started to notice what sparked my interest & intrigue, and I gave myself permission to dive into those experiences/desires. For example, I would wander into little gift shops that I would not normally go into unless I had something to buy listed on my ‘to do’ list, and more often then not there was a book of wisdom or lessons jumping out at me that was exactly what I need at that time! And through these small steps, I eventually found myself living a life that I love on so many levels, and feel that I am exactly where I am meant to be, living out my life’s purpose.

So from my own learning journey, I offer you the following keys to accessing your heart:

  • Start noticing the simple things that make you smile and feel good on the inside, and give yourself more of these experiences. Don’t just fill your life with the “have to do’s”. Give yourself smiles every day, even if you can only do 5 minutes.

  • Grab a piece of paper and at the top write the heading “I WOULD LOVE TO …” then list whatever comes to mind. Let your mind go crazy with the most out there ideas and fantasies. List small simple things you can do as well as big things. Don’t worry about whether you have the capacity to do them now. Money, time & other logistics may make them unattainable for now – don’t worry about that, list them anyway. This process alone will enable your heart to open. Make a commitment to yourself that you will give yourself at least some of these experiences on your list, when the opportunity presents itself, and trust that it will!

  • When relating with others, especially when you find yourself being triggered or challenged, ask yourself “What would LOVE do now?” Most often we are quick to react to the circumstances & people around us – and this is usual our ego! The ego mind knows nothing of love and will only serve to sabotage any opportunity there is to experience love. If you take a brief moment to pause and respond from a place of love, you will bring much transformation to your own experience and to others, which will be much more fulfilling to all.

The only way to transform this world we live in is to be the change we want to see. Waiting for others to make this world a better place doesn’t work and is disempowering yourself. If you are not enjoying your experience, if you are suffering in any way on the inside, look deep within your being & listen to your soul through your heart’s longing. When you decide to connect to your heart, you will find your soul’s true path. Trust it, listen to it and it will transform your life. Don’t take my word for it … try it and see!

If you want to know more about the mystical power that is available to you through the heart, I recommend the book “Living In The Heart” by Drunvalo Mechizedek.

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