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The Truth is hiding in plain sight

Last week on national TV news we heard Stephen Hawking along with the financial backing from Russian Silicon Valley entrepreneur Yuri Milnerhas, has launched the biggest-ever search for intelligent extraterrestrial life in a 10-year, $135 million project to scan the heavens. (If you missed it click here) Although this seems like a positive & exciting breakthrough for humanity I wonder whether it’s really necessary or perhaps even true. There are many high ranking officials in recent times who have broken their silence and exposed government secrets about their direct involvement with alien life forms coming to Earth. So if they are coming to us, do we need to be spending valuable money that could be used towards real problems on this planet i.e. 3rd world hunger and poverty?

Here’s a couple of links of the former Canadian Minister of Defense publicly disclosing over the past couple of years that aliens are on this planet and walking among us…

You have got to wonder why this is still not making headlines on mainstream media?

I urge people to do their own research and question everything for themselves.

After my own direct experience 2 yrs ago with inter-dimensional beings of different types, I started investigating for my own sanity to understand my encounters. And the fact is, the Truth is hiding in plain sight and waiting for people to put the pieces of factual evidence together! There are a number of ancient sites, paintings and artifacts that show alien life forms visiting our planet going back thousands of years. Of course these pieces of evidence are played down, covered up, taken out of circulation and debunked.

If we take a moment to ask ourselves, why would our governments, who are suppose to be making decisions to support the people they represent, why would they be going to great lengths to cover up such truths. If advanced alien life forms have been interacting with Earth since ancient times, couldn’t they be of great benefit to humanity? We still have a lot of real issues on our planet, that advanced species who have found a way to travel from distant galaxies & dimensions could really help us with. Imagine the knowledge & technologies they must have to travel through time & space without issues around fueling or navigation to name the obvious! And yet we are comparatively stuck in the dark ages warring with each other and raping our Earth for it’s resources. We all know that information & money is power in this 3 dimensional world that we all share. Those that want ultimate power over this planet simply need to be the ones who control the money and information – and there are many who claim this is in fact what’s happening.

There are reports that the Russians have been pressuring/threatening the US government to reveal the truth about alien presence on our Earth. Perhaps this breakthrough initiative by Stephen Hawkins, backed by the Russians, is the controlled mechanism by which the alien agenda will be revealed into mainstream media. Perhaps this is how the US government saves face!! Or maybe this is the Russians delivering on their threat, moving forward with their exposure.

The Russian Prime Minister has also exposed that there are truths revealed in the Russian documentary ‘Men In Black’. No, not the Hollywood blockbuster film, although you’ve got to wonder where these movie scripts come from. There seems to be many truths hiding within many Hollywood blockbuster movies under the guise of ‘science fiction’. Yes, again, hiding in plain sight! The latest movie "Jupiter Ascending" by the Wachowskis, who also made the epic awakening movie “The Matrix”, portrays many hidden truths similar to my experiences over the past 2 yrs. It references everything from astrology, aliens on Earth walking among us, aliens masking themselves as humans working for power hungry beings on other planets, secretively using humans like farm yard animals for their own benefit, UFO's with the ability to make themselves invisible, to affect time & matter and erase people's memories, there's even a crop circle!

Which reminds me of another similar attempt to find/make contact with alien life in outer space by SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) who in 1974 transmitted an encoded message into space from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. The transmission included basic information about Earth, it’s location and the human life form on it. Surprisingly, 23 yrs later in August 2001 there was a response to this transmission … a similarly structured message was received in the form of a crop circle near the Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK. (click here for more info) Of course there are those who debunk crop circles, but when you look deeper into their complex formation as I have, there are hidden truths there too.

Perhaps it is time for all these Truths to come out, there are many saying we are living in Apocalyptic times. The word “apocalypse” has been associated with doomsday prophecies predicting destruction on an awesome or catastrophic scale. Perhaps it’s not synchronistic that I am of Greek heritage and have a different understanding of the word which has it’s roots in the Greek language. The Greek word ‘apokalipsi’ means ‘to uncover’ or ‘to reveal’. Which is also interesting as the Apocalypse is mentioned in the Bible in the Book of Revelations. The word ‘revelations’ comes from ‘reveal’ and is defined as the making known of something that was previously secret or unknown. So perhaps the prophecies are correct and it really is time for the real Truths to be revealed into mass consciousness. Do your own research on the facts and do not blindly trust those who debunk & ridicule these. Their belittling tactics only aim to divert you from what they don’t want you to know.

There are many people who have stumbled across these hidden Truths through their own direct experiences with inter-dimensional & extraterrestrial beings or spiritual awakenings. When you look at their stories, there are many similarities and yet these people are not connected to each other to share facts. And while I now understand that there is an even higher level of Truth at a spiritual level, our soul’s growth, that is playing out on this 3D plane, we should also be concerned about what is being hidden from us all by those we put into powerful positions so that we are not merely treated like rats in a maze or chasing our own tails on the economic wheel. It stands to reason that people who are doing good and are in service to humanity, have no reason to lie or hide the truth, where as people who have a dark agenda, do! We’ve all got to question what the suppressed alien agenda is really about and why the powers that be need to hide it from us.

And when you get deep enough you will see that there is also an Armageddon playing out behind the veil of this 3D reality, again as prophesized! There is a battle between Light & Dark forces (yes… just as portrayed in the movie “Star Wars”!). This is occurring at a macro & micro level. Apart from external influential forces, we all have this battle also playing out inside of us, which is then mirrored outside of us in the world we are all co-creating. More and more people are waking up from their unconscious robotic states and starting to question their lives, get concerned about their sovereignty and are choosing to break free and live more consciously. We are all responsible for our individual choices and when you wake up to what’s real & true inside you, you start to make better choices that ripple out in a positive way into the world. The only way to make this world better is really to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ just like Gandhi said. What will you choose going forward…? To align yourself with good or evil? Light or Dark? Will you choose to be of service to others or to merely establish power? Will you let the ego get the better of you or take the path to self-mastery and raise your vibration towards unconditional love?

I will close out with a little tip that I uncovered years ago which is perhaps one of the major reasons for my kundalini awakening experience over the past couple of years :

Your body has an energy field which is linked to how you feel. When you make good choices your body feels good. When you make bad choices your body feels bad. So ask yourself… ‘how do I want to feel today?’ …and let that guide your journey forward.

“The longest journey we ever take is from the head to the heart” says Gary Zukav.

(If you want to learn more about this energy field, read Gary’s book “The Heart Of The Soul”).

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