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Cleared dark manipulative entity portalling in through alcohol

As I've mentioned on my website : there is a lot more going on in this universe than we realise. Our 3D reality is not all it seems. Here's a fact that may surprise you !... I've had a number of clients who have come for Crystal Dreaming sessions to figure why their life is stuck or why they feel constantly blocked from progressing forward in various areas in their life. As I facilitate them into an altered state for enquiry, they discover they are being manipulated by dark inter-dimensional beings working through alcohol.

Here's one of the first clients I had, who reported such manipulation - although she was not the one with the alcohol problem, she discovered her abuser was the one being manipulated...

Once in the altered state, the client scans her body and felt an issue in her throat. As we delve deeper she goes into a past life recall where she saw herself as a 14 yr old girl being strangled by her cousin. I asked her why he was doing this. She replied "to shut me up as I am going to expose him for raping me". As the story unfolds further, the client sees her cousin's friends abusing her also, gang raping her, then throwing her into a river to drown. In order to clear this trauma held in the client's throat, we call forward all the beings responsible for her torture & death in that lifetime. Her cousin and his friends all appeared & stood before her. Just as I was about to facilitate a forgiveness process, the client says “I don’t have a problem with his friends, they were just trying to support my cousin.” So we told the friends they could leave. I instruct the client to ask her cousin why he did the horrible things he did to her. To my surprise the client reports “My cousin had no choice, he was forced to.” I did not expect this answer! The client proceeded to explain that she felt there was something invisible standing between her & her cousin, the energy felt thick & sticky. So we proceed to address this sticky energy as if it was an entity, a sentient being. The client then reports that this entity comes in & takes control of people through alcohol & uses them for it’s own agenda. Understanding this, the client felt she did not need to go through a forgiveness process with her cousin, as he was being manipulated without his knowledge. So instead we focused on clearing the entity. Once cleared, the client immediately felt the energy in her throat start flowing clearly again.

Now with this level of understanding, I can't help but wonder about those cultures on the planet where alcohol is illegal. Do they know something the rest of us don't?!

And if you think about it some more... why is alcohol a legalised drug in westernised societies when it is the cause of many problems. Not only is it an addictive depressant substance, but you would have noticed in places where alcohol has been consumed in copious amounts that there is an aggressive energy in the air, people lose control and now we know when that happens, other beings come in and take control. Could there be another covert agenda behind the scenes that has strategically legalised alcohol for the benefit of these inter-dimensional dark beings?

Here's some more facts on alcohol :

If you or someone you know can relate to regularly needing and losing control on alcohol, I would highly recommend having a Crystal Dreaming session to make sure you are clear of any manipulation and are purely operating from your own sovereign state.

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