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Cleared black magic, medical condition gone!

In this day and age, many of us living in westernised societies have been raised to be skeptical and dismiss such things as black magic, voodoo and witchcraft as just entertaining fantasy fiction in movies. You may be surprised to hear its actually a very real practice and prevolent in many societies today, also experienced by some of my Crystal Dreaming clients. In Bali recently, I asked about all the ugly and evil looking gargoyle statues on every house. I was told they are there to guard the household from black magic and evil spirits. Walking through towns and retail areas, you cannont miss their daily cleansing rituals & offerings to protector gods to guard them against black magic. It is a serious reality for them daily.

But I've been quite surprised to have had a few Crystal Dreaming clients who have been subjected to black magic here in Australia. Here's what happened with one client who came for a session to see if she could shift a recurring vaginal herpes issue she’s had for years. She advised that It would only flare up after intercourse. As I drop her into the altered state and we ask her body to reveal the truth of this issue, we were both bemused by what transpired… She suddenly sees a little gargoyle creature standing in front of her. As we ask her body to reveal who sent her this creature / curse, she is transported back to her teenage years and sees her next door neighbour. She was surprised and baffled by this and didn't understand the correlation. As we enquired further, it turns out that her neighbour had a crush on the same guy the client was dating at the time, and decided to try putting a black magic spell on the client. In order to clear the curse, we called forward the neighbour's spirit, who appeared apologetic and remorseful. She explained to the client that she was just playing around with black magic at the time and didn't really believe the spell would actually work! I guided the client through a process to clear the curse and the client instantly felt a change in her body energetically. A couple of months after the session, client advised the herpes had not flared up again since the session!

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