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We all have Spirit Guides! One client reconnects with hers.

Coming from a mainstream city and corporate background, I didn't believe in Spirit Guides! It wasn't till I started experiencing weird multidimensional realities in 2013 and seeing non physical beings that I realised there was more to our universe that I was shutting myself off to.

Someone had recommended I go see a psychic they knew, who might be able to help me with all the weird & challenging stuff I was going through. I'd only been to a psychic once in my life before and it wasn't something I felt comfortable putting my trust into. But I decided to go and received a very precise reading from the psychic who also told me my Spirit Guides where trying to communicate with me! So from that day I started asking them for help and to show me guiding signs whenever I was really struggling. To my surprise, I got them and really felt supported!

I've come a long way since then, and through my Crystal Dreaming spiritual training, I now help people meet their guides directly and have meaningful conversations with them.

Here's what happened for one client who wanted to meet her guides ...

Once I had her in the altered state inside a mandala of crystals, we spent some time clearing some negative energies that were around her and then crossed her over into spirit world to meet her guides. There she was met by an American Indian who she described had a very powerful presence. She described his face and the tribal neck piece he was wearing in detail. We validated through a series of discerning questions that he loved her unconditionally and was focused on her highest good. He also showed her a past life when they had spent time together. She asked him questions and got many answers about her current life challenges, her life purpose and the work she was here to do in this life time. He gave her a healing and instruction on how to connect with him outside of this Crystal Dreaming process.

Later that evening she sent me a message saying she was feeling much lighter and softer after the session. After some nourishing time on the beach, she started to walk around town as she waited to meet up with friends. She suddenly felt to go into a shop and the first cabinet she walked up to, she found this necklace that reminded her of the one her spirit guide was wearing … ofcourse she bought it!

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