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The danger of calling in spiritual help

One of the most common & surprising issues that comes up for clients in the Crystal Dreaming shamanic healing sessions, is attached spirits & other inter-dimensional entities. The issue with this is that multiple beings are using the one body for their own agenda.. This can lead to a person losing control of their life & struggling to reach their full potential.

Here's an interesting session I had with a client who felt there were many blocks in her life.

A healer had picked up that she had some alien interference 6 months ago and proceeded to clear it. But the client still felt things weren’t flowing well for her & she felt there may still be something there to be cleared. As soon as I dropped her into the altered state of awareness she detected a number of areas in her body that didn’t feel right. To summarize the session: we uncovered interference from a blue alien, a darth vader looking alien (a negative Orion), a reptilian, a sphinx-like creature over her eyes, as well as a past life trauma. We cleared them all & severed all contracts & agreements to ensure they would not come back. She felt all areas in her body clear & flowing with energy afterwards.

At the end of the session I asked her what she was doing to have so many of these negative beings interfering with her … was she calling out for help from the spiritual realms? It was a light bulb moment for her! She said ‘yes, I often call in help’. I told her this was dangerous as she was putting out a generic call without knowing who was answering the call. Just like you don't blindly trust any person off the street, you need to be discerning with the unseen dimensions. I explained that the dark beings take advantage of such call outs. I advised her to start using her own internal guidance system, her intuition, on her path through life & if she really did need to call in help from the spiritual realms to go directly to the Divine Source of All Creation or to ask her ‘unconditionally loving’ spirit guides. We all have them! It’s important to use the words ‘unconditionally loving’ so that you are being discerning & only calling in the positive beings who will honor your free will.

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