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Forgiveness : the path to liberation

One of my biggest learnings towards holistic wellbeing was about our energy body, and how important it is to our own heath to let things go and forgive those who have hurt us.

A Crystal Dreaming client wanting to meet with her spirit guides, uncovers that first she had to clear her energy through forgiveness from a past life trauma...

As I take her into an altered state she describes a heaviness on her leg. Her past life story starts to unfold, she realises she has a chain around her ankle, she's wearing stripped pyjamas, she's chained to someone else in front of her & behind her. She hears marching in the distance & realises she's in a Nazi concentration camp! Suddenly she feels completely depleted of energy, exhausted from the hard labour & torture forced upon him (she is a male in this past life). I knew this was going to be a difficult trauma to clear. She sees herself die. We call forward those responsible for her death and she sees this evil little devilish creature with red beady eyes staring at her. She described his energy as 'pure evil'. I explained to her that the only way to clear this was through forgiveness regardless of what he'd done to her. She said the words "I forgive you" but I felt she was not 100% connected with the intention (understandably a difficult one!).

We press on and I cross her over to meet with her spirit guides. She finds herself climbing up a cliff that reaches up high into the clouds. She pokes her head through the clouds and there they all are ... her guides! They try to help her up through the clouds but her legs would not come through. We asked her guides to show her what was needed to release her legs, and she started hearing the same marching sounds she did earlier. My suspicion was correct: the forgiveness process hadn't work. Her guides then showed her this being was Hitler himself & they showed her Hitler's childhood. She immediately felt compassion for him as she saw many horrific things being done to him in his early years.

She realised : how we are treated as children in our formative years, shapes how we treat others as adults. From this place of understanding & compassion she was able to sincerely forgive Hitler & let go of the trauma that she was still holding in her being. She felt the heaviness in her leg completely disappear. And was able to step up through the clouds to have a dialogue with her guides. After the session she told me, being Italian in this life, she knows little about that time & Hitler. She was astounded the details about his childhood were so clear.

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