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Window imprint from my 1st shamanic client session

After my spontaneous kundalini activation, I came to the understanding that there's a lot more going on than what we perceive in our 3D mindset! I don't want to propagate fear, because there is nothing to fear realy, but the fact is : there are inter-dimensional beings that we can't see who can affect us without us knowing. I didn't believe in this metaphysical stuff either until I started seeing the interdimensional beings for myself.I have since undertaken spiritual healing / shamanic Crystal Dreaming training and here is what happened in my very first client session last year ...

A client with an ongoing back problem had been getting acupuncture treatments for years but no permanent resolution. It started when he had a bad surfing accident years ago at a remote beach: he fell onto a shallow reef (wetsuit completely shredded). After resting in his tent for while he found himself unable to move / paralysed. It was a deserted camping ground and so he started yelling out for help to try and get the attention of any people passing by. Another surfer eventually heard & came to assist.

As soon as I heard this story I thought he's probably got an 'entity' (a spirit or inter dimensional being who usually finds an opportunity to attach when a person is weak or in trauma, and are obstructive to a person's healing or life journey as they have their own desires & agenda).

Sure enough during his healing session we started chasing this unusual energy that was moving around his body. It would not speak to us. As I slowly escalated with the demand for it to leave, it eventually left but with a loud bang & caused a power outage affecting the whole neighbourhood for 14 hrs! When I crossed the client into spirit world to meet his guides he was greeted by 2 owls who picked him up and flew him up into the sky. He was met by other animals also and after receiving a healing on his body by a snake, he was told to start swimming for further healing on his back.

The next day I found the following imprint on the glass door right next to where he lay for the session...! The client also reported a few nights later, an owl had swooped down and hovered over him for while!! This was an amazing & very powerful healing session in many ways :)

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