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Losing the plot? No I was having a kundalini activation!

The past 18 months have been super transformational for me, thanks to a spontaneous kundalini awakening that began mid 2013. It started with uncontrollable shakes in the lower half of my body and reverberated upwards. Not long after that, the multidimensional experiences began - I literally thought I was going to end up in a mental institution!

Luckily I was surrounded by some amazing people in Byron Bay where I live, who understood and guided me through grounding the powerful energy and chakra activations. I went to healers who were able to guide me and teach me about the multidimensional stuff also. I can't help but think that if I'd still been living in Melbourne, I would have been put on medication by doctors who don't understand this metaphysical stuff, also known as a spiritual emergency. I feel I have had a total overhaul of my mind & belief structures.

After a cancer healing journey in 2003 (what I now call my 1st level of awakening, and this kundalini activation my 2nd level of awakening), I had focused on dropping all belief systems & conditioning and simply being present in the Now moment and with increased awareness of truth as it unfolded. I was challenged by the truth of what I was experiencing, everything from past life & life-between-lives recall (which I didn't believe in), interactions with inter-dimensional beings, out of body experiences, and explosive energy whilst meditating, informational downloads during sleep & altered states, to divine connection, body rashes & heat, as well as angina. I was told my 3rd eye & crown chakras had been opened, and was getting a peak through the veil of our reality.

It has been a wild journey to say the least and opened me up to new growth, new healing modalities and new work. The truths I have experienced have lead me to understand that their is a lot more to this physical reality than meets the eye.

Here's a link to another blog for those interested in understanding more on kundalini activations or do your own research and check out 'spiritual emergence' also.

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