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Welcome & Thank You

for taking the time to explore the life assisting services I passionately offer to the world. Life is a constant journey of growth ...

we learn from our own direct experiences, our choices & mistakes.

When we use those learnings to help each other we find meaning in our life.

We are all connected in this web of life and cannot do it alone.  

Some people are our teachers, some are our pupils and others simply

planetary friends as we walk side by side on our own individual paths.  

My journey so far has taught me that even those who bring us

challenging experiences are serving us on some level ...

and, there is a lot more to this experience on Earth than meets the eye.

I am constantly told to share my story as it has the power to help many ... so here it is!  Whether you get to experience my work in person or not, I hope you find

much value in the information I share here to help you on your journey.

It is offered freely for the highest good of all.  


Summary ...

read about my cancer healing journey, my kundalini awakening & more
About Me


In 2002, at age 31 I had my first wake up call from life through cervical cancer.  I chose the path of holistic healing and I am happy to report I'm still healthy and cancer free.  Looking back on that crisis, I am now very grateful for the cancer.  Yes ... "grateful" !  I didn't expect to ever be saying that about cancer.  It lead me to many life changes and personal growth.  I now know that the purpose of the cancer was to shift me into alignment with my soul and life's purpose.  It not only forced me to change my diet and physical wellbeing regime, but it taught me the importance of focusing on wellbeing on mental, emotional and spiritual levels also.  My second wakeup call started 10 yrs later in 2012 with the occurrence of strange synchronicities.  It lead to the craziest year of my life in 2013 : experiencing a spontaneous 'kundalini activation' that brought me encounters with other dimensional beings, past life recalls, crossing over to the other side of death, and connecting with the Source of all creation ... it's been a mind blowing journey and full of "Divine Interceptions" ! 

My life in a nut shell : I went from having a pretty normal upbringing in a middle-class Australian migrant family, to 15 yrs in the mainstream corporate world, to cancer crisis, denouncing all my conditioning and beliefs, living in the present moment, to finding Truths about life & the universe that have blown my mind.  

I aim to share useful information to help those who are trying to find their way though similar crises, challenges and wake up calls.  I hope to inspire people to seek out Truth for themselves and support not only their life journey but their awakening also.

Learn how to meditate with easy practical instruction
Meditation Guidance / Lessons


The crisis that came with the cancer in 2002 was compounded by a marriage breakdown, uncertainty in the workplace due to a corporate merger, and my grandfather's death.  Suddenly everything that was solid in my world was crumbling around me : my physical health, my relationships, my financial security and with it my self-confidence and sanity.  Just as I was starting to cope with one crisis I'd get hit with another.  I felt I was going to lose the plot and end up on the streets not knowing where home was!  In 2003 I experienced my first anxiety attack - it was like a bolt of lightening going through my body.  It freaked me out and I knew in that moment something had to change - I could not keep pushing through life, putting on a brave smiling face and a "she'll be right" attitude like I had always done.

The holistic doctor treating me for the cancer, referred me to a holistic counsellor for the anxiety & marriage counselling.  While the learnings I got from the doctor changed my physical wellbeing, the learnings I got from the counsellor changed my mental & emotional wellbeing.  He introduced me to meditation, taught me how to tune in & scan my energy body, and the power of living in the Now!

The shifts meditation brought to my life were so powerful I quickly became intrigued by it.  

From 2003 - 2008, I passionately pursued different styles of meditation for my own stress management & wellbeing all the way to India.  Meditation has become a sacred integrated daily practice & part of my ongoing wellbeing regime.  I've taken aspects from different styles of meditation that resonated for me and have been guiding & teaching meditation to the masses since 2009.  Many who struggle with meditating find my approach easy to apply & surprisingly effective.

vibrational sound healing with gongs
Sound Healing


In 2008, a few yrs after healing the cancer, a marriage breakup, and embarking on a personal growth journey, I came across Crystal Bowls in a shop.  The shop assistant showed me how to play them and I was instantly blown away.  It was like the roof had blown off the shop and angels were singing down on us.  I'd never experienced anything like it before.  I was so taken by them that I very nearly parted with thousands of dollars to buy a set then and there!  My logical mind kicked in and stopped me!  Instead I looked to find a practitioner who could give me a proper experience of them.  This introduced me to sound healing.  My first sound bath was a profound experience.  The bowls and gongs used, melted away all the tension in my body to the point that I felt my physicality dematerialise - I became a ball of energy simply floating in space.  My busy mind had disappeared and all I had left was the simplicity of pure consciousness - the observer - that could do nothing but watch the profound experience I was having.

When I went home afterwards, my mind still completely disengaged, I felt such deep inner peace.  

I also felt tingling vibrations all over and around my body.  I didn't understand it then, but later as I learnt about the subtle energy bodies around our physicality, I realised that what I was feeling was a heightened state of awareness where I could sense these subtle energy bodies.  I was hooked!  

And sound healing quickly became another part of my ongoing wellbeing regime.  It was such an amazing way to clear the stress accumulated by daily life, and reset the body & mind.  My partner and I decided that this needed to be shared with the so many stressed people we knew.  We became sound healers ourselves and created ' Healing Hertz ' bringing vibrational healing to the masses.

healing through meditation and invocation of spiritual / celestial energies
Celestial Healing


In 2013, after 10 yrs of meditating, clearing my mind of all belief systems, living in the now moment and clearing my energy body consciously in practical ways, I started to experience sensations in my body that I did not understand and weren't able to clear!  I started to encounter some very strange synchronicities.  As I began to explore the Truths that I was being presented, I started experiencing uncontrollable shakiness that in the lower half of my body and eventually, over weeks, reverberated upwards.  I knew it wasn't anxiety as I'd experienced that with the cancer journey 10 yrs earlier.  I knew it wasn't fear as I had nothing going on in my life to cause me fear and had consciously focused years on facing & conquering many of my fears.  An intuitive masseuse told me that it was very old stuff coming up to be healed.  Not long after, I started to have past life stories coming up in healing sessions and later encounters with beings from other dimensions - I thought I was losing my mind as I didn't believe in any of these!  A psychic who happened to be at an evening event tuned in and told me I was not going crazy ... that the experiences I was having were real ... that I was experiencing what is known as a 'kundalini awakening' ... that the beings I was seeing were real and she gave me some advice to help me through this time.  I started to question the reality I was in.  I had been living in Byron Bay now for 5yrs and had met many different types of people, some that I would call "away with the fairies".  Well, now I was feeling like I was one of them, as I was suddenly communicating with different types of inter-dimensional beings including angels and ascended masters.  Soon after I realised that I could facilitate healings for people with the help of these celestial beings.

experience self diagnosis & healing through an altered state induced with crystals
Crystal Dreaming™ Shamanic Healing


The most important and profound healing work I encountered in 2013 was through regressions and in particular, through the Crystal Dreaming shamanic healing process.  It had been recommended to me as a result of seeking healing and answers to the crazy multidimensional experiences I was having. Not only did it validate the new Truths that I was opening up to through my strange and out-there experiences, but it had the power to heal people on so many levels and awaken them to the highest Truth of all existence.  I was sooooo blown away by my sessions that I felt compelled to become a practitioner.  Through it I managed to cross over into spirit world, recall & heal the past life trauma that was causing some of the shakiness in my left leg (the intuitive masseuse was right!),

I met my spirit guides who helped me recall a past life skill I had in medieval times, and they gave me clarity on why I had chosen to incarnate in this life, my life's mission:  to help people on their journey through life in the physical dimension, but also most importantly to help with their souls ascension process, by clearing blockages and enabling them to go forward with the ability to reach their fullest potential and merge with the Divine Source of all creation.  What I love about this process is it's

multi-dimensionality and people's reactions to it ... clients are facilitated into an altered state, without hypnosis or mind altering drugs, and directly access information for self-diagnosis and healing.  

The direct experience of this process leaves no doubt in people’s mind, unlike going to a psychic or intuitive healer.

art credit : Andrew Gonzalez

" Divine Interceptions "

... was the name I was given for my work in a dream.

It describes the process that I open up to while I work ...

Whether I'm guiding people through meditations,

healing with celestial energies or shamanic Crystal Dreaming,

I first take the time to connect & invite the Divine in.

One of my biggest learnings from cancer has been that our soul sends us messages through our body, so quietening the mind amplifies our ability to hear our

in-tuition : our own divine guidance from within.

I aim to respect people's free will and support them within the reality they have chosen for themselves, helping them to connect to their own inner compass

and where possible, to connect to the Source of all creation.

There is no denying Truth! ... and it will set you free!!

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